"Who are we"
Seyler’s new series of color photographs are a sardonic critique of humankind’s effect on the environment. An eerie combination of masks, disembodied heads, pop culture references and taxidermy make this collection of works a truly bizarre take on our relationship with the natural world. Seyler’s use of imagery implies a drive for wealth and control over nature, which posits the viewer between a prescribed individual pursuit and global interest.

Seyler, who usually works in black and white or sepia-tone, utilizes color in this work, by creating a sickly green and yellow hue throughout the series. Though this work is unlike anything seen from Seyler in the past, she retains her impeccable ability of storytelling through symbolic imagery, creating a narrative that pokes, prods and laughs, albeit derisively, at our environmental plight.

Jenn Dierdorf
Fisch & Clown Fratze mit Foto 3.Maske im Gesicht Elch
Kirche Der Reiche
70 x 100 cm, ink jet prints, 2012
Gallery SOHO20Chelsea 2013