Step-on-pictures The artist examines the handling of people with injuries who are mostly unknown to her, resulting in STEP-ON-PICTURES from a performance like situation. This series compromises large-format photographs with motifs choosen by the artist which are all to be considered as fragile, tender and vulnerable. There are the subjects to violence by the people walking over the spread-out paper on the floor. The artist withdraws to a position of pure observation of the way which people deal with her challenge of walking over a small child and to visually injure the child with their shoeprints.

Maria Schindelegger

Step_on Step_on Stillness Step_on
Step_on Step_on Step_on Step_on
Photo installation and happening
Black and white photgraphs Sizes: 63 x 4 inches; Year: 2001-2003
National Gallery, Prague 2005
SOHO20 Gallery, New York 2001