In Forest, photographer Marielis Seyler's third solo exhibition at SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery, the artist explores the boundary between nature and mankind continuing her artistic dialogue based on this fundamental relationship.
This series of primarily black and white photography places the human body (of a woman, of a child) or an object (an egg, a rock) upon the forest floor, heavy with the rich texture of dead leaves. The nudes are incorporated into the landscape of fallen leaves, and Seyler employs actual leaves and pigments to further ingratiate the images with the forest. There is a suggestion of the fragility of human life, a hint that this absolute immersion of Nature within our lives is only evident in such extreme moments as death and birth.

SOHO20 Gallery, New York
Forest Forest Forest Forest
Forest Forest Forest Forest
Silvergelatine print;
Sizes: 16 x 24 inches - edition of 5; 24 x 36 inches - edition of 5; 47 x 67 inches - edition of 5
SOHO20 Gallery, New York 2005
Gans Gallery, Vienna, 2006