Monat der Fotografie
Archive - 2008


Opening: 29th October 2008 at 7 p.m.
Gallery Gans
, Kirchberggasse 4, 1070 Wien
Exhibition and photo-action:
30. October - 18. November 2008

Art is dependent on curators, the media and above all sales. Art has become goods, a sale means success. Success is measured according to the sale. Thus the gallery becomes an art shop - an ART SHOP. Its goods are not only offered in the gallery and at trade fairs, but also in the Internet. Goods are sold today through especially cheap offers!

With my campaign I wish to bring awareness and lead to ad absurdum this "art atmosphere" and to place the theme of the "marketing" of art and exhibitions in the foreground

In one of my usual bulk mail flyer dispatches I challenge those interested in art to come to the gallery where an especially super offer awaits them: they have the unique opportunity to be CHEAPLY photographed with their favourite dog or soft toy.

A photo corner has been installed in the gallery in which interested "customers" will be photographed, either digital or analogue. The format can be chosen. Examples hang on the wall to which the customers can orientate or select the technique and size, whereby the photographs are intentionally not what is probably to be expected.

Marielis Seyler
Tiger HInterkopf Stofftier
Gefluester Frau mit Hund I love America